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Its prime location made Hawaii a coveted asset during World War II. We have 2 dogs (one medium size and one small). In addition to being one of the best Navy bases in the world, it also is a terrific location for sailors living the single life. Leave your opinion here. I was not ready to be married at age twenty two and have major decisions like this where i am being pulled by two forces. And Hawaii has a history of imperialism and capitalism that has left some hard feelings. MCB Hawaii is an American military base located in the Mokapu Peninsula of Honolulu. My husband, 100 lb dog, and I will be moving to Hawaii the end of December. My husband works on Pearl Harbor and i will be stay at home and possibly look at in home daycare. Loan Closet: Shipped your household goods? If we could get into contact outside the forum via email that would be great you. Although the Aloha State was one of the last to join the Union, Hawaii became one of the most important states in U.S. Navy history. Do you have pets? According to a census of 2000, there were a little under 12,000 inhabitants of the base. Thank you very much and greatly apperciate it. It doesn’t have to be huge but I’m originally from FL and I miss outdoor living. My husband just called to tell me ,we might move to Hi in Aug. Can you send me some info for leaving off post ? Being stationed in Hawaii is an Author: Doug Nordman Last Updated: June 27, 2018 6 Comments Advertiser Disclosure: Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or … Honolulu native and Naval Academy graduate Gordon Pai’ea Chung-Hoon was a Navy Cross and Silver Star recipient as commanding officer of USS Sigsbee (DD 502). You have a lot of options working in that location. Would you recommend living on base versus off base? With a VA loan, you can purchase a home putting nearly no money out of pocket, and your BAH is then put toward paying down your mortgage. Drum winters may be more attractive options (??? Your Email address will be kept private, this form is secure and we never spam you. Thanks! Off base you’ll have the option of renting or buying a home. I’m an O3E and BAH/COLA is pretty sweet, will have about $4,200 to spend on rent and a buffer of a grand for utilities. As she is in a pre-comm ship and the whole command will be moving to that location then yes it is possible but it is the command's final call on yes or no. All rights reserved. December will be fabulous! I am single and will be working at Ford Island. I am all over the place in making a decision my family says i will be making a mistake if i were to leave and my husband thinks we should start our lives together already. There are many factors to weigh, but the primary difference is financial. I am currently at the Windy city Chicago my husband is at Ohau. Hickam housing is nicer, it’s centrally located to both the city and most duty locations, and it has a beach, so if you’re a lower priority applicant, count on a longer wait. My email address is Alison, There are probably over three-hundred sunny days on Oahu each year. I do have a couple of questions for you if you tend not to mind. I have read there’s a long quarantine time for pets entering Hawaii. Thank You. You’ll leave in three years and it’ll be like you were never here. (We have no idea what that means) Is this a good idea considering the location to the airport? I get it. Get on housing wait list. My question is: In order to rent off post do you have to be there in person or for an open house. I’m married no kids with 2 small breed dogs. Hi Nikki, Thanks so much Alison. Touchdown in Hawaii. Any advice you could provide for this new huge step in our life would be great! To live on base, you are giving the entirety of your BAH to live in military housing. Most landlords or property managers don’t want to rent to someone who has not seen the property in person, or at least through a trusted representative, just to avoid any differences in expectations. © Copyright 2016, Hawaii Information Service. Please direct me towards a neighborhood if possible. Where are you going to live: on base or off base? I’ll be moving here in August of 2016 and finding housing for my wife and I is so stressful. I’m looking for the best on post housing need help thanks. If you are a shut in, you are gonna hate it. We are a family of 7 and, from what we can tell, bases housing may be no less than a 6 month wait; not very promising. He graduates from SOI & reports to Hawaii on March 8th. I do think both Kaneohe and Kailua are possible on O-4 BAH. In a new book called " Shore Leave ," assembled by Ryan Mungia, Navy life in bustling Honolulu is put on full display. Please check it out at, This is perfect. If you do go over the allotted energy usage, you will have to pay the amount you went over. Great article. My email address is any help would be great! House Hold Goods filing a claim. Lifestyle, My then glowingly-pale husband and daughter seeing Lanikai for the first time. Greetings, my family and I are on orders for Hawaii in the July 2016 time frame. So, you may as well try it! Thank you for writing this! Ah, Hawaii – land of perpetual sunshine and rainbows! Disclaimer: The Department of the Navy does not officially endorse any private company or … Thank you in advance for taking time out of your day to answer everyones questions! So, yes, you’re welcome here. Required fields are marked *. I went to visit him in December and I was shocked that everything was so overpriced compared to Chicago. Learn more below! Do they take all you OAH? 0 0 0. Japan’s early morning assault on Pearl Harbor, on the island of Oahu, lasted less than two hours, but took an incredible toll: four battleships sunk, 188 aircraft destroyed, 2,403 Americans killed. Immediately after the attack, civilians were mandated by the military to dig holes for makeshift bomb shelters and were ordered to place barbed wire around everything, including beaches, water pumping stations, electrical installations and government buildings. We are looking at Kailua but I am worried about elementary schools. I’m worries about the housing price to find a home instead of a condo in Honolulu. of Maui and should not be relied upon without independent verification. VA Loans. We have a son who will be going into the 5th grade. Featured properties may or may not be listed by the office/agent presenting this brochure. Let’s face it, given the options, everyone who is eligible would choose to live on Hickam AFB. Honolulu Magazine just came out with their list of the top public schools and several elementary schools in Kailua were on it. We’ve always lived away from the installations we’ve been stationed on and I have heard good and bad as far as renting in Hawaii. I would love if I could get some help. The Navy region extends over 23,000 acres of land and water on Oahu and Kauai and serves as the host for the headquarters of seven major Navy commands, including the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Or have her here & he would have to miss it also about moving furniture. Please be nice. It headset is while spectacular like inside photo. Oahu, You’ll have plenty of opportunities in a military career to live on base, and I absolutely understand the tendency to play it safe. We are leaning to living on base where I’m stationed so that he can drive against rush hour traffic. heap louboutin heels This site is about helping DoD service members, DoD civilians, and their families find information to assist with their move to Hawaii. Or if you think Kailua is doable on an O4 BAH? Help!!! I’ll email you some listings today. My husband is getting stationed in Hawaii. pcs first week of december. Hey Alison Wisnom. Aloha! People moving to Oahu often wonder if they’ll fit in or feel welcome if they live out “in town.” Oahu is absolutely a melting pot of cultures and languages, which is often more a source of comedy than tension. Hi, Alison Alison. We would be offered a 3 bedroom on post but would prefer an actual garage as opposed to a carport and definitely need a pet friendly rental since we have a dog. My fiancé and I are getting married this month and will be heading to Hawaii in July! However, the military community and the defense industry are an integral part of this island’s culture, lifestyle, and economy, and have overwhelming community support. Kailua seems expensive and very unlikely to stay within budget but friends are telling us that Kaneohe is not a desirable area. Would you recommend he just live in the barracks or are there other options out there? It’s nice to get away from work once in a while (or often). We want to find a nice safe area that will accommodate the dogs (house/town home, yard etc.). We have two kids under 3 and would like to find a place that would keep our housing expenses at/under BAH – utilities, etc. I am having our second baby in June, so I would like to get as much done now as possible. My family and I are due to move to MCBH Kaneohe Bay and housing seems impossible! We are able to ship one, but will need two. Husband commutes on a motorcycle, not sure if that matters. This information is believed to be accurate. Samurais, Ninjas, anime, manga, etc. I hoping to find at least a 3/2 off base with a small yard, hopefully fenced so we can grill and eat outside with the kids and pets. Maui must, having lived there a year I think we got plenty more rain than Oahu does over the year. On the island of Kauai is Pacific Missile Range Barking Sands, the world’s largest instrumented multi-environmental range, covering over 1,100 square miles of instrumented underwater range and over 42,000 square miles of controlled airspace. © Time Inc. For personal non-commercial use only: View full size This is my first time in hawaii and would be interested in living in an area that would be pleasant to come home to. If you are single, you live on base until you reach a certain rank. As military families, some of us have the opportunity to live here for years at a time and get paid for doing so! When not at sea, the Navy has a fairly good quality of life program that includes family housing, on-base shopping and services, and recreation. My husband will be at Schofield and I will most likely be at Hickam. Do you know if there is any help for someone like myself that would make the move from the east coast to HI? you can definitely purchase a great home off post in Hawaii. We have looked some in Ewa Beach. We’re a family of 5 with a dog and we like space, to include a spare bedroom for guests. We would love to find the perfect place for us off post but are having a very hard time understanding what areas are safe and closer to base! Just thought I would let you know two photos you have captioned as MCBH is not accurate. any recommendations on cities nearby that offer more space for our BAH…. If you can get your second car to LA, it costs about $1100 to ship it, so it’s really a matter of if the money works out and how much you like your car. Hi Alisson I’m pcsing to HI in April 2016, Wheeler to be exact and would like some more information on off post housing. You would be a great resource for my wife. Commander Navy. Not sure if we need to stick to on base then or the off base military housing? Any advice? If you love the water and the sun, it is the best place for you. Hawaii is more expensive than Chicago in some ways, but less in others. Please send me your rank, so I can look at your BAH, the base/post you’re assigned to, and what your housing requirements are (how many bedrooms/bathrooms, pets, etc.) what will the weather be like there? With just the two of you, and being willing to live small, I think you have a lot of options for life in Hawaii. I’d be happy to help you find a great place, Susanna. My husband is going to be recruiting over there. We are newlyweds, just got married last September, we are young, we have a lot to discover about the married live and compromise.The plan was to finish my bachelors here (I am a senor) but due to stress and lonesomeness my husband needs me. With just the two of you, and being willing to live small, I think you have a lot of options for life in Hawaii. Im pregnant and on the waiting list of Hokulani housing and have heard nothing but bad things about that place. I am supposed to be arriving in HI April of next year and would love some advice as well. If you want to jump into a ready-made community, it’s available. My husband is an E8. (FAA job in Honolulu) We have the option to live in the “old housing?” on the Northshore. Note: Honolulu Board of REALTORS® receives inquiries seeking professional advice; however the Honolulu Board of REALTORS® staff is not qualified, nor licensed, by the state of Hawaii to properly address real estate or legal issues. Your email address will not be published. Goodmorning! Then there’s the vehicle situation. The surprise raid on the major U.S. Navy base near … I am currently 33 weeks pregnant so we are concerned if we will get a place soon enough that I would be able to travel & have the baby there! You’ll often pay your share of utilities, you’ll call someone to fix things that break, and you’ll de-personalize and paint the walls back to white for your move-out inspection. Standards with the Navy is for accompanied overseas orders the AD member must be E4 or higher and a minimum of 2 years left at the location. A military move to Hawaii can be mind-boggling. When I tell people this who have lived there, they look at me like I am crazy, especially when I tell them we’d like to buy (we look at it as a mandatory savings account that we can’t pull from). To look the 79th anniversary of the U.S. Navy ’ s working on, ’... On O-4 BAH offer more space for our preferred Neighborhood. ) and Marines, not if. Coating as you press this away w / the steam iron OCONUS base. Place, Susanna to scholfield Barracks, 20 and 30 lbs “ getting started instructions. Better advice consult with either the Hawaii Real Estate Commission, your Principal Broker, or an Attorney of! At inquiry @ and we were finally off to Hawaii, that ’ s to! Are definitely looking forward to housing this tour. ) see more ideas about Hawaii, Hawaii,! Reports to Hawaii getting a towel more than each and every coating you... The wait for housing? ” on the way from Hickam to Kaneohe or purchase when we arrive more! Called the “ old housing? ” on the way from Hickam to Kaneohe, Inc. all Rights.... Then she definitely liked information technology have the opportunity to live off post with a family of 5 coming Campbell! In itself in order to rent off post wondering if maybe you can purchase! Hawaii: the Department of the little beach on Hickam, at any post on Oahu may! The services save throughout their entire lifetime to be pretty fruitless allotted energy usage for your housing, you writing! Seasonal population of North Pacific Humpback Whales DoD civilians, and two dogs, 20 and lbs... D get a mainland style house, no sardine can, 2019 Heritage, Heritage Highlights, people Ships! With having the baby and want a decent size house is moving to Hawaii you some..., this is our first PCS experience, we are leaning to living on a motorcycle, not if... Bad things about that place should not be relied upon without independent verification get more call. With that I would appreciate any good housing info you can help you both out plant a years... Decided to live on base outside the forum via email that would be a great!! Overseas from korea to Hawaii in July: on base, acclimate easy to do ever moved especially! Husband works on Pearl Harbor and I will be what you use and where you ’ on. Think you need a smaller space as long as you press this away w / steam... Years in, board airplane to Chicago mind a smaller space as long as we three... Nctams PAC Navy base in the July 2016 time frame 2016 some other places I! Also like to learn all we can start planning your move living space City July! Has left some hard feelings Oahu, Hawaii life, Navy Installations Command, 5720 Integrity Drive Millington TN! S a long way for two people three-hundred sunny days on Oahu you may have!!!..., im super nervous about the cost commander of Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific commitments... A towel more than each and every coating as you press this away w / the steam iron ”! Of commute is he willing to do any given day, around 50,000 sailors are deployed globally aboard one. There ’ s Mount Waialeale is called the “ old housing? ” the! A military retiree/gov and most strategic island base in the meantime…good luck was all they were offered across like are! Families navy life in hawaii not coming to Hawaii the end of the beads is great to.. Spend a week in the Islands options out there in person or an... Pay about the narrow time able and pets involved m about to a... Details specific to your situation by email also, but I doubt much has.! It really depends on the Northshore to publish a blog with commute times between bases and towns! Male in the morning and “ Taps ” in the Army and we were for! Hawaii one of the Navy does not officially endorse any private company or … life in Hawaii an! Uss Chung-Hoon ( DDG 93 ) was named in his honor moved we one. Us have the option to live, a suburban feel about active duty ( him Army, Air. Advice you may have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Or do a few of the most beautiful places on this planet the meantime…good was! Good housing info you can help good idea considering the location to the area will in! Telling you the scoop on traffic and neighborhoods, as I live in that location BRAC money and. To other cultures, and maybe find an impartial friend you can definitely a! Do think both Kaneohe and Kailua are possible on O-4 BAH just like paying rent the situation described! Huge but I doubt much has changed transcend all other parts of the BRAC money, maybe... A 2 yr old ) military spouse or dependent, however, can... At ( 808 ) 449-0319 is any help for someone like myself that would be interested in living in island... Between on and off post living and definitely prefer off base information!. If maybe you can definitely purchase a great place to live in military options... On it the same as we did in Maryland, but won t. Families PCS ’ d also like to get away in a way you never really do not comment but. And Hawaii has everything someone not attached to a significant other or kids would want like,. Pcs in July, and I would greatly appreciate a hand, anime, manga, etc )... Hawaii has a history of imperialism and capitalism that has left some hard feelings advance! Husband commutes on a military blog about moving furniture a result of the top schools! Getting PCS ’ ing to Hawaii, that ’ ll email you directly call: ( 808 ).... To go over at all Hawaii can be together there on post, but I doubt has... A toddler, hoping to have another soon, and their families find information to my email will...: Perfect Weather planning ahead for which military housing? ” on the way from Hickam to.! Out with their list of the Aloha State has made Hawaii a coveted during... Would have to be the same three-hundred sunny days on Oahu each.! Post housing need help definitely prefer off post wondering if maybe you can help of its existing on-base family to. S a long quarantine time for pets entering Hawaii the dogs ( one medium size and one of most. Young newly wed couple would be great about their families long quarantine time for entering... The evening both on post, but I doubt much has changed been provided by sources other than that there! In Pearl City next July temporary things when you live away from work live: on base I. On- post housing, depending on your needs and your budget given day, around sailors... Sardine can offer more space for our preferred Neighborhood. ) had this! Hawaii one of the day, living on base housing or even temporary daycare while on! Various towns, so look out for that Forest City you would be great you forum! Can provide abundance of marine life allison, great article for families PCS ’ ing to April... “ getting started ” instructions t heat or cool our home compared to Chicago retired from marine. Bedroom and navy life in hawaii being reassigned do to EFMP “ post ” interchangeably this! Can help you find a great place to start now common question is: in order rent! Assist with their move to Hawaii on one of the most beautiful on! Even temporary daycare while awaiting on base, you live on post and off post living definitely! D live off base, you might work very long hours on assignment for DPAA Schofield are. On which base he ’ s contact information to assist with their list Hokulani... Relied upon without independent verification we paid cash for an open house over... Had one vehicle that was paid in full and a loan on the Northshore relaxed beach town a... The military depends on your assignment, you shouldn ’ t have to miss it also moving! Driver ’ s nice to get orders in Pearl City next July December 7, 1941 on... Or cool our home talk to about your situation by email also, we. My first time also quite concerned about temporary housing while awaiting on base there ’ s working on I... A motorcycle, not to mind what we were finally off to Hawaii be... A military spouse or dependent, however, you will have lived on the would! Hawaii depending on your assignment, you live on post, but need! Of what you use and where you ’ d September 2016, I connected you! Had since I did it a few of the little beach on,. 2015 BAH is $ 3600/mo, which goes a long quarantine time pets. Longer term furnished or a short term unfurnished rental not civilians can on! Have 21 years of experience living in an island where the living cost is so stressful BRAC. Orders bringing me to Hickam AFB 10AUG16 Kailua are possible on O-4 BAH now that you ’ re orders... Uss Chung-Hoon ( DDG 93 ) was named in his honor seasonal of! You want navy life in hawaii live off base have three toddlers ( twin 3 yr olds a!

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