Join us on a true polar expedition

Join us in an area dominated by deep fjords, ice, dramatic mountains and teeming wildlife. In the high arctic archipelago of Svalbard we will embark an ice-strengthened vessel with room for twelve passengers. For ten days we will then explore a virgin and very wild part of the world.

Svalbard is the Kingdom of the Polar Bear and the best place in the world for meeting this majestic animal. Seeing the worlds largest predator on land in it’s natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. In the extreme environment of the pack ice or along the shores of the archipelago we can observe this powerful animal hunting seals.

Do you want to stand face to face with the largest seal of the Arctic? The Atlantic Walrus can weigh up to 1500 kg and as they are not hunted these impressive mammals look for contact with us. The population of walrus is growing rapidly in Svalbard and we know the best places to meet them.

This is a trip for you who want to experience all the different sides of Svalbards beauty. Do you dream of hiking on the tundra or go kayaking in front of a glacier? Look no further as all of this is possible with us. We take the time to explore the flora and fauna of both the small and large.

Trip route is determined by weather, wind, ice and wildlife – this is a true polar expedition! Our experienced expedition leaders guides us and gives lectures on Svalbard wildlife and history.

“I really had a wonderful time – a trip of a life time! I thought you got the balance just right between things being professionally organised but at the same time laid back. I felt happy to be there from the moment I stepped oboard. Everything seemed to have been thought through, down to the last detail”Mark
“Det var helt suveräna dagar tillsammans med er och med en perfekt guidning runt Svalbard’s fantastiska natur och djurliv.
Häftigt var även att glida fram i kajaken längs Monaco glaciären.
Hela resan kunde inte ha varit bättre och den kommer vi att minnas länge..”Jonas Erlandsson

June 27 – July 6

16 guests (SOLD OUT!)
Onboard MS Freya
2 experienced guides
9 nights onboard

Price: 56 800 NOK



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Day by Day

Day 1 
Arrival in Longyearbyen and check in to our hotels. Here we have great opportunity to experience the life of a high arctic settlement.

Day 2-10
We embark MS Freya, our home for the next 10 days. We explore one of the worlds wildest and most beautiful areas making daily landings, hike (kayaking if you want) and meet the wild life. This is an expedition and ultimately our route will be determined by wind, weather, ice and wild life. Patience and flexibility are the keys to a successful trip and we are striving to give you the ultimate Svalbard experience!

Day 11
We have breakfast and check out from the ship at 0900.

Where are we going?

To reach Svalbard we fly to Longyearbyen, approximately 3 hours north of Oslo this settlement is home to some 2000 inhabitants mainly occupied with coal-mining, research, tourism or administration. We recommend that you spend one night in a hotel here with a chance of exploring the settlement and it ́s surprisingly vivid night life! On your second day you embark on MS Freya, our home for the next 9 days. She is the perfect combination of style, strength and comfort for arctic conditions. During our expedition we make daily excursions and in the vicinity of Longyarbyen we aim to start by visiting the Russian mining town Barentsburg. Here we gain an insight to the life of the arctic coal miner as well as the ongoing geo-political race for the north pole.

Further north we pay a visit to the worlds northernmost settlement in the world, Ny- Ålesund. Beeing an international research station, this is where we encounter scientists from as far as China and India studying glaciers, global warming, wildlife and more. We now truly leave civilisation and sail further north. One of the spots we might visit are among others Danskön. A historic site where remains of 17th century whalers and 19th century polar explorers are still visible and where we dive in to the story of the Swedish balloonist Andrée.

In the summer time Svalbard becomes the home of millions of birds such as Little Auks and Brunichs Guillemots and we visit one of the more impressive breeding sites where perhaps 100 000 birds lay their eggs on the cliffs, a truly unique experience. We hike along the coastline or up the mountain side to enjoy the vast scenery perhaps encountering an inquisitive Arctic fox or the endemic Svalbard Reindeer. During this time of the year we will also see some of the more than 160 colourful flowering species decorating the lush tundra.

Along the shores we are likely to find one the old trapping huts existing on Svalbard. During the trapping era of the 19th century, adventurous men and women came to live in isolation, sometimes for years one end to hunt fox, polar bears and seals. There are many dramatic tales and fates which our guides will share and which teases the imagination.

60% of Svalbards land mass is covered in permanent ice, glaciers. Most of these glaciers flow in to the sea, ending in majestic fronts, dominating the landscape. In the safety of our rubber boats we cruise in this foreboding environment where the chance of spotting some of the larger mammals is high. Occasionally the glaciers ”calve” and tons of ice violently fall in to the sea with the sound of thunder! The mean temperature in summer is around 7 degrees above zero and precipitation is very rare. The majority of our journey is in sheltered waters so the risk of large waves is small and our focus is of course to make the sail as comfortable.

To go on our trip you should have good health but need not be an athlete. Should you have any questions, simply contact us by either e-mail or telephone.

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The Ship MS Freya

For our expeditions we have carefully chosen only to work with the most suitable and capable ships available. To ensure flexibility and the best possible experience we exclusively work with small, ice strengthened vessels.

We are very careful when choosing what ships to operate in the high Arctic. Freya is our latest aquirement. Built in 1980 for the Swedish Coast Guard she would, among other things ensure that the beacons and lighthouses were in good order and she is built for tough weather and ice. She is ice-strengthened ship accordance with Lloyd’s highest class.

Today Freya is sailing in Arctic waters almost year-round. When not in Svalbard you might find her in Iceland, Greenland or northern Norway. With her, we can safely go to places where other expedition ships never will. Getting on board is an experience in itself and it is in a small group of 12-20 persons you get a truly intimate experience of the fantastic areas we operate in.

The ship has comfortable double cabins fitted with 220volt european standard outlets. All of the cabins are fitted with ensuite wc and shower. Cabins are cleaned daily by the ships crew. There is a dining area onboard where we are served breakfast, lunch and two course dinners. Coffee and tea is available 24 hrs a day.


  • The price includes:
    9 nights aboard the MS Freya. All meals. Daily landings and excursions by Zodiac. Kayaking (for those who want). Lectures on board and ashore. Two experienced guides.
  • The price does not include:
    Flights to and from Longyearbyen. Any hotel nights. Travel insurance and cancellation insurance. Alcoholic beverages.


Welcome onboard!

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to book.