Photo Expeditions

Since our start in 2010 we have been organising specialised expeditions for wild life photographers. We have had some of the worlds leading Polar Bear photographers onboard and have many returning guests. We take pride in offering some of the worlds best opportunities to photograph Polar Bears, Walrus, Arctic Birds, Whales etc in one of the most stunning environments, Svalbard.

One of the most important factors for a good photography expedition is the ship. We have chosen MS Origo, MS Freya and MS Malmö. Both because of the unmatched experience they have of expeditions in Svalbard but also because of her strength in the ice and the low decks offering great angles for photography.

Another very important factor is experienced guides. We only employ guides with great experience from expeditions in the polar regions. A good guide needs to be qualified to drive zodiacs in all kinds of conditions, not only in a safe manner but also to put you as a photographer where you can take that perfect image. A good guide also needs to know where and how to find the wild life. With two professional guides we can offer an unmatched flexibility both in the rubber boats and on land. Having two rubber boats means more space for you and your equipment!

During this time of the year we will experience the high peak of the short and intense season in wild life breeding and feeding. Millions of birds arrive to nest and feed their chicks. We have the local knowledge necessary to not only find the right sites but also to predict animal behaviour. We can therefore guide you as a photographer when it comes to finding the right distance, light and background.

As the sun doesn’t set in the summer we will have the opportunity to meet wild life 24/7. During the expedition there will be a lookout at all times of the day to maximize our chances of meeting bears, walrus and other wild life. When you join one of our trips you can expect to be woken up in the middle of the night…

“I really had a wonderful time – a trip of a life time! I thought you got the balance just right between things being professionally organised but at the same time laid back. I felt happy to be there from the moment I stepped onto Origo. Everything seemed to have been thought through, down to the last detail”Mark
“Stort tack till er båda för en fantastisk resa, och inte minst för att ni är så duktiga; engagerade, entusiastiska lyhörda och trygga guider + att ni har en härlig båt med duktig personal ombord. Vi känner oss helt bortskämda efter 10 dagar.”Eva och Mats

Dates 2020:

10/6 – 18/6 Sold out
18/6 – 27/6    Sold out
27/6 – 6/7    Sold out
6/7 – 15/7   Sold out 

2021: All tours are fully booked

Price: On demand
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Day by Day

Day 1 
Arrival in Longyearbyen and check in to our hotels. Here we have great opportunity to experience the life of a high arctic settlement. We strongly recommend all our clients to arrive one day before the departure of the ship. This is to be safe from cancelled flights, delays, lost luggage etc.

Day 2-10
We embark MS Freya, our home for the next 10 days. We explore one of the worlds wildest and most beautiful areas making daily excursions / landings and meet the wildlife. This is an expedition and ultimately our route will be determined by wind, weather, ice and wild life. Patience and flexibility are the keys to a successful trip and we are striving to give you the ultimate Svalbard experience!

Day 11
We have breakfast and check out from the ship at 0900.


Where are we going?

Our route will be determined by wind, weather, ice and wildlife. There are however a few certain activities we will not miss.

Cruising in front of the glaciers. This is where we find many photographic opportunities when it comes to sea birds, ice, landscapes, seals on ice and Polar bears.

The pack ice. This is a high priority as this is where the larger mammals such as walrus and bearded seal come to rest and consequently where Polar bears come to hunt.

A visit at a walrus haul out. The walrus is one of the most impressive animals in Svalbard and since the ban in hunting in 1952 they have been steadily increasing. The population is now estimated to be between 3-5000 and we have seen them appear in more and more spots over the last years. To land where these animals come to rest and slowly approach them by foot is a magical experience.

Bird colonies. There is a large number of bird colonies in the area and we aim to visit several. Little Auks, Black-legged Kittiwakes and Brunichs Guillemots all come to nest in large numbers and are generally oblivious to our presence which makes for great photo opportunities.

Wild life and weather is unpredictable and the trip will offer many great surprises. The key to a successful expedition is patience and flexibility.

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The Ship MS Freya

For our expeditions we have carefully chosen only to work with the most suitable and capable ships available. To ensure flexibility and the best possible experience we exclusively work with small, ice strengthened vessels.

We have a deep relationship with MS Freya which was built in 1981 as one of the Maritime Administration’s ships to sail along the Swedish coast and was converted in to a coast guard in 2011. In 2015 she was again converted in to an expedition ship with high standard, ensuite cabins. She is ice-strengthened in accordance with Lloyd’s highest class, 1A.

With her, we can safely go to places where other expedition ships never will. Getting on board is an experience in itself.

The ship has comfortable double cabins fitted with 220volt european standard outlets. Many of the cabins are fitted with ensuite wc and shower. Cabins are cleaned daily by the ships crew. Contact us if you want to reserve your own private cabin with ensuite wc/shower.



  • The price includes:
    8 – 10 nights aboard the MS Freya or MS Malmö depending on departure date. All meals. Daily landings and excursions by Zodiac. Kayaking (for those who want). Lectures on board and ashore. Two experienced guides.
  • The price does not include:
    Flights to and from Longyearbyen. Travel insurance and cancellation insurance. Alcoholic beverages.


Welcome onboard!

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to book.