The story of Vega

Having worked for various companies in different parts of the world but with an increasing will to take more responsibility and shape the expeditions even more, Vera and Oscar decided to form their own company in 2010. Veras background as a trained guide and avid explorer together with Oscars Experience in Yachting and small ships expeditions turned out to be a great combination for what became Vega Expeditions. “-We both agree on how we wanted to give our customers the best possible experience.,” Oscar says and continues, “-It was simple really, we knew that it was all about small groups of maximum 20 people and that we needed to employ only the best guides and expedition leaders.”
When traveling in some of the most remote and wild parts of the world safety is the most important thing. “-If you don’t feel safe, you wont enjoy yourself” Vera states. “-For the skiing trips for example, we exclusively hire certified mountain guides, for photo expeditions we partner with some of the worlds most renowned nature photographers.”
To be able to give our passengers the most updated information on Polar Bears, glaciers and climate change we continually hire researchers to be part of our guide teams. This way our clients leave the Arctic with a deeper and more complex understanding of these remote parts of the world.
Vega expeditions has continually grown since the start 2010 but has managed to stay faithful to the original vision of offering the best expeditions in the business. “-It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is or what it is that you hope to experience. We tailor our expeditions to suit our customers needs.” Vera adds: “We are really proud to see some of our customers return again and again knowing that Vega is the ultimate choice for the Arctic afficionado.”