Why travel with Vega

An expedition to the Arctic on a ship is for many people a dream but always associated with a big cost. We have however never encountered anyone who have regretted spending the extra money choosing a high quality option before a seat on the bigger ships. There are many reasons a small ship with a small group and experienced guides is better than traveling with the bigger ships.
First of all you will be able to spend much more of the time in nature. Much less time is spent on getting on and off the ship. As things sometimes happen vary quick it is important that we are flexible and relatively quick to get dressed and in to the rubber boats. It goes without saying that 50 or 100+ passengers will take a lot longer to get in the rubber boats than just 12…
Another advantage of being in a small group is the closeness you get to nature. We often sit completely quiet just to take in the sounds of sleeping walrus, a nesting Ivory gull or the thunder of a calving glacier, this would not be possible in a large group.
As we have a minimum of 2 guides even for a group of 12 passengers there is plenty of space in the rubber boats. In the bigger ships they will have twice as many people in each rubber boat.
The time you get to spend with our knowledgable guides is also greater allowing you to get a deeper and more complex understanding of the flora, fauna and history of the Arctic.
Comparing our trips to the competitors one will notice that we always clearly state the number of nights onboard the ship, not total days of the expedition. This is because it is the most honest way of describing the product. Other operators include hotel nights or even travel days in their presentation of the trip. What matters to a traveler however is how much time will actually be spent out in the field.
Our company policy has been to grow slowly and by the power of good reputation. This why we have spent almost nothing on advertisements or expensive brochures or panflets. Instead, we want the money our customers spend to go in to the actual product. This is how we can keep our prices below our competitors yet still offer a higher quality product.
If you have any questions regarding anything relating to our expeditions or the conduct of our company, e-mail or call us and you will get an answer from the founder and owners of the company, Vera and Oscar.